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In the workshop of Noord Hollandse Motoren Revisie in Winkel, more than 150 complete engines are overhauled every year. From the (part) overhaul of an engine on behalf of our customer, to an (exchange) engine that we keep in stock if the fastest delivery is desired. NHMR guarantees a long life in all cases.

In addition to overhaul, the engines are also maintained by NHMR. On land and at sea, dozens of engines and compressors are maintained on location. Think of ships, power plants, construction machinery, drilling rigs and trains. NHMR stands for:

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Internationally operating in the field of overhaul, maintenance and sale of engines

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We work together with our partners on a good long-term relationship.

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Frequently asked Questions

NHMR specializes in medium and large diesel and gas engines for industrial and shipping application. Moped engines often have pressed big ends with roller bearings for which we would be happy to refer you to a specialist.

Yes, we are happy to carry out mechanical operations such as grinding the crankshaft or drilling and honing cylinders, but we are also happy to carry out partial overhauls such as cylinder head or fuel pump overhaul for you.

Yes, although we like to select and order all engine parts ourselves, that has in some circumstances even our preference. For example, very difficult to obtain parts of antique or classic (hobby) motorcycles. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the installation of parts supplied by ourselves.

We advise in this case to a ship/yacht yard or company located directly on the water.

We often carry out the partial revisions on behalf of these specialist companies that also carry out removals and installations.

For professional and commercial vessels, we provide all services at (worldwide) locations.